“I feel like I’ve been completely renovated. I think I’m more relaxed than when I am asleep!”

—Jim Schantz

“The relief has been gigantic.”

—Ellen Lynch

“This is the first time it hasn’t hurt. You continue to be my hero.”

—Jim Filkins

“I am here and the world is there. Restored. Not so overcome.”

—Lisa Chamberlain

“Best Massage in the Berkshires.”

—Kim R.

“I see you because you are highly skilled and weave a lot of things into your sessions and because you are the best in the area at your craft. I've referred several people to you. The reason I come is for relaxation and deep tissue massage/energy work.”

—Todd LePine, MD

“Best massage in Great Barrington! Cory is really wonderful. She has a very good understanding of how the body works. She can give specific feedback on what is going on with your body, and specific exercises and stretches that will help. As an athlete I really appreciate this! Thank you Cory!”

—Amber C.

“I can only come up with one word: Bliss.”

—Daphne Kemper Meyerson

“By far the best around.”

—Gary Cookson

“Wonderfully skilled. An unforgettable experience.”

—Ann Jordan

“The most incredible massage I've ever had. Superb. I've never been worked on so deeply and thoroughly.”

—Laurie Magoon

“Deep tension and tightness disappeared.”

—Jessica Rose Marko

“I feel like myself again. I love this body.”

—Lisa Frederico

“I feel like a new person. She made me feel incredibly safe and free to relax and be nurtured.”

—Amy Lieberman

“Glad to have full range of motion in my neck again...thanks to you!”

“Cory stands out as particularly knowledgeable, intuitive, strong, compassionate and skilled. I first visited her looking for general stress relief during a difficult time, and she did not disappoint. Recently, I returned to her with a specific physical pain issue. Very quickly, she engaged me in a new exploration of pain which has been life-changing. She has shared very helpful educational resources with me, as well as stretches for me to do between sessions. Because of her acute observational and intuitive gifts, every session is unique. She is a massage therapist and physical therapist rolled into one. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

—Julia Kreilkamp

“I am way better now than I was seeing numerous other medical practitioners. Cory got me on the right path to healing and gave me tools to work on my own: exercises, stretches and the reminder to drink more water. I'm feeling the best I've felt in years.”

—Donna Broderick

“I started coming to you because two people recommended you—two very different people. One said you were an athlete and really good at helping with injuries, and could also suggest exercises and stretches to help strengthen weak areas. My quilting friend, let loose a heavy-duty sigh one day and mentioned that she had a massage with you that afternoon and was really looking forward to it. She said she saw you once a month to help relieve stress from work and to just "give herself a treat." She said it was "so relaxing" and l believe heavenly was the word she used. So l thought it would be a great treat for myself as well! Your knowledge of the workings of the body is amazing and your presence is so calming and relaxing, and I enjoy everything about your massages—even when it hurts!”

—Jan Tynan

“You are my first line of defense when it comes to preventative measures for my 74 year old body/mind! Maintenance is my game plan and that includes your healing hands and heart! Truly grateful for that special touch of yours. I sing your praises! And I'll see you next week for my birthday massage! Yay!”

—Janice Kittner

“After sixty five years of…treatments…you are the best massage therapist I have ever met. You make me feel…that you are only interested in helping and you certainly do. Also, you discover quickly what other treatment is needed apart from the obvious. Thank you.”

—Chris M.

“I just wanted to thank you for the great work yesterday. This is the first time in months it doesn't feel as if someone were driving a small wedge into the back of my neck. Many, many thanks.”

“Cory Schifano is one talented massage therapist. She has an expertise that is second to none. I have been a long term fan of massage. After two sessions with Cory I feel as if I have grown 5 inches taller. Her knowledge coupled with her strength and sensitivity puts her in a class by herself. She's got me for life.”

—Carol Welsh

“Cory is far and away the best massage therapist I have ever worked with. She is professional, competent, relaxed, related, thoughtful and effective.”

—Doug Macdonald

“We celebrated my mom's 85th birthday over the weekend. We are enormously blessed that she’s feeling so well lately; she says she feels better than she has in nearly 15 years. Much of that is due to your help—your massages have helped her immensely, and, from you, she has learned that investing time in her own wellness is a gift not only to herself, but to those who love her.”

—Marsha Weinstein

“I go to Cory because she knows exactly how to locate my body aches and treat them. Her knowledge of the body is impressive and her vigorous massage is always extremely effective but never painful.
She feels my limits and this gives me great comfort. Cory also explains what long term conditioning I can do to prevent a re-occurrence of my aches.”

—Mitchel Khosrova

“Since I moved here eight years ago I have been looking for a truly wonderful massage therapist. I've had many many many massages in my life and I am very particular. Cory's massages are beyond fantastic. She is able to get deep without hurting me. By my second massage with her I felt like her hands already knew my body and she was able to get right to the heart of my issues. She is a truly gifted practitioner. All I can say is give her a try and find out for yourself!”

—Tyler Malik

“The most profound part of the experience was the depth that I felt Cory was in tune with my physical, mental and emotional states. This connection created a safe space-a cradle for deep release and transformation.”

—Polly Nugent

“I am profoundly grateful for the massage I had with you last week. It felt SO amazing for me to release all that. My body and soul feel completely different.”

—Carolina Kaiser

“Golden hands. Soft yet firm.”

—Myra David

Investing in your own wellness is not only a gift to yourself, but to those around you.