Personalized care tailored to your needs.

At the beginning of each session, we will assess your body's unique needs and choose which type of bodywork and pressure is appropriate for that day. Treatments may be a specific modality or a combination of a few.

Cory assessing and conulting with a massage client
Massage / Bodywork
Orthopedic Massage

Also known as medical massage, orthopedic massage addresses acute and chronic injuries and dysfunctions in the body. Rehabilitation begins with orthopedic assessment, understanding which tissues are involved so an effective treatment plan can be designed. A variety of techniques are utilized to effectively treat soft tissue dysfunction and pain. I have studied and taught orthopedic massage with Whitney Lowe of OMERI, the Orthopedic Massage and Research Institute.

Deep Tissue Massage

Does the name say it all? More than spreading oil and helping someone to relax for the moment, deep tissue treatments slowly compress, spread, lengthen and soften muscle and connective tissues addressing injuries, headaches, muscular tension, joint dysfunction, and postural distortions. Some of the modalities I use are Sports Massage, Myofascial release, Neuromuscular Reeducation, Connective Tissue work from Bindegewebsmassage and Rolfing, Active Release or Muscle Energy Technique, and Cupping.

Swedish Massage

The mother of Western massage, performed on the body using oil or cream, Swedish Massage uses a variety of strokes to relax the mind and soothe the body, decrease muscle tension, increase range of motion at joints and aid the body in healing.

Hot Stone Massage

Known to help relieve muscle tension and pain, hot stone massage is extremely relaxing and can even feel magical. Massage is performed using smooth, heated basalt stones that are then placed on the body to continue to radiate warmth. Blood flow is increased, muscle spasms decrease and stress and anxiety fade away. Hot Stone treatments can help to promote more restorative sleep.

Energy Balancing

Experience ease in your body and mind. Energy work is deeply rejuvenating. It is relaxing and even helps speed healing. I have studied advanced Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Polarity and Cranio-Sacral as well as meditative guided body dialogue. All of these modalities achieve the same goals. End goal? Transcendence. Peace. A return to homeostasis, the place where body repair is sped up and the mind gets a much needed vacation. Rest well, stress less.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a powerful and exciting time. It can also be exhausting. A prenatal massage is a great way for expecting mothers to find relief and relaxation - and research shows that it can also improve labor outcomes and newborn health. I am trained in how to position and support your body throughout this gentle massage.

Mind-Body Treatment

Pain has both biological and psychological components. For years we have assumed that pain is a direct response to injury, but emerging science of how the brain works reveals that pain is an interpretation made by the brain, and the brain is not always correct. Chronic pain can continue long after an injury has healed. Pain and dysfunction can occur even when there is no injury or tissue damage. Sometimes we need to take a step back, consider the brain's role in creating neural circuit disorders, and then retrain the brain. For people interested in exploring the mind-body connection, I will guide you through verbal and somatic experiences to help your body process psychological and physical symptoms of trauma - to relieve stress and take back your natural state of health.

Massage Instruction

Private classes for couples and groups of friends. Learn powerful massage techniques that feel amazing to receive, are easy to give and nourish your relationships.


Learn strategies for improving all aspects of your life.
Life coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship with a trained facilitator who helps you focus and realize your visions and goals. I give you the tools, support and awareness needed to remove obstacles, energize for change and follow through on your vision. In a supportive and creative environment, make decisions, figure out “what’s next” and even problem solve for tricky relationships so you can become your happiest, healthiest self. Free 15 minute discovery call. Trained by the Institute for Integrated Nutrition and Leadership That Works, I am a Certified Professional Coach trained in Coaching for Transformation and an Authentic Communication Practitioner.


”I feel like I’ve been completely renovated. I think I’m more relaxed than when I am asleep!”

—Jim Schantz

”The relief has been gigantic.”

—Ellen Lynch

”This is the first time it hasn’t hurt. You continue to be my hero.”

—Jim Filkins

”I am here and the world is there. Restored. Not so overcome.”

—Lisa Chamberlain

”Best Massage in the Berkshires.”

—Kim R.

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