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Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching

Life coaching is a powerful, ongoing relationship with a trained facilitator who helps you focus and realize your visions and goals. With a professional coach you will get the tools, support and awareness needed to remove obstacles, energize for change and follow through on your vision.

Reasons People Hire a Coach:

  • Focus energy
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Improve relationships
  • Get organized
  • Stop self sabotage
  • Clarify and design a life-changing next step
  • Plan a career move or take business to the next level
  • Make a current job more fulfilling
  • Build the determination and follow through to lose weight
  • Increase income
  • Accomplish goals much quicker

I have the tools to bring you into your power so you can create the life you dream of.

My goal as a coach is to repeatedly give you the experience of reconnecting to yourself in the process of designing your life. I want your life to be a deeply satisfying reflection of who you are and what you love. Too often we get in our own way of having what we want by holding on to limiting beliefs that don't serve us. I will help you get clear and champion you to move forward. Few people achieve lasting change without good support. This means helping you actively create your life instead of letting it happen to you.

What would you like your life to be like? Someone once said to me, "Not everyone can be great." I ask, what does being great mean to you? Does it mean that you contribute to the lives of others in positive ways? Maybe being great means you are an awesome parent. Perhaps it means you are in the best health possible or you are making more money than you dreamt you could. You get to decide.

What needs to happen in your life so you have no regrets? No regrets. Whether it's setting goals, clarifying what you want or pushing your edge to play a bigger game in the world, I will call on you to put your passion into action.

Discover how to turn up the volume on what brings you alive. Much more is possible than you've ever imagined.

Why I Love to Coach

When I coach, I serve as a midwife to what is wanting to be born.

I ask provocative questions, challenge limiting beliefs and bring people into their bodies and inner wisdom.

It's amazing to watch people transform into who they are longing to become at their core.

Once deep self awareness occurs people are able to get out of their own way, step into their power and experience greater levels of satisfaction in their lives. They make bigger goals, often goals that touch other people's lives in meaningful ways.

I love being a catalyst to transformation, one stone thrown in a pond that ripples out indefinitely. I come alive when I see others come alive.


How is life coaching done?

Typically individual coaching is done in person, by telephone or through Skype, for three or four 40-minute sessions each month. To create profound changes in your life, I suggest a three-month commitment.

Is life coaching therapy?

Coaching focuses on strategic planning as well as personal growth. Coaches regularly refer clients to other professionals for issues that are better suited to a therapeutic relationship. That said, old issues may resurface in a coaching session and new ways of looking at distress may be addressed.

What is a typical session like?

The hallmark of coaching is self-responsibility. The client sets the agenda for the session and the coach follows that agenda. You can expect powerful and clarifying questions, focused and fine-tuned planning tools, and accountability. As your coach, I'll have high expectations of you and support you thoroughly.

How do I get started?

It's easy! Call me to arrange a complimentary coaching session and we'll talk about whether we’d like to move forward together. If the chemistry is right and you decide you want to move on to the next step, we'll get out our calendars and schedule your Discovery Session. A couple of days later, you'll receive your "Welcome to Coaching" package which includes some self-assessment and planning tools. And that's just the beginning!

What sort of guarantee do you offer?

I offer a Total Happiness Guarantee. If after the first 2 hour Discovery Session you do not love the work we are doing and if you do not see that this is what you need to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals, then not only do you not have to continue, you can have a full refund of every penny you have paid. And you are welcome to keep all the changes you received from our first session.

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”I feel like I’ve been completely renovated. I think I’m more relaxed than when I am asleep!”

—Jim Schantz

”The relief has been gigantic.”

—Ellen Lynch

”This is the first time it hasn’t hurt. You continue to be my hero.”

—Jim Filkins

”I am here and the world is there. Restored. Not so overcome.”

—Lisa Chamberlain

”Best Massage in the Berkshires.”

—Kim R.

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Investing in your own wellness is not only a gift to yourself, but to those around you.